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We offer a wide range of ready-made furnishing products - from partitions to a fully made kitchen or bathroom - so you can comprehensively personalize and equip your Glamping tent! All products are also available for purchase separately!


Comfortable, made of natural materials, tailored to the needs of guests. We offer to make beds in various sizes that will perfectly match the style of the glamping tent. Thanks to the use of the best quality wood for their production, they will remain intact and functional for many years. The smell of wood will bring an unusual atmosphere to the tent, and your guests will be delighted.


Stable and practical, tailored to the needs of guests. Tables for glamping tents that we produce for our customers can actually be used anywhere. In glamping tents, on allotments, in garden gazebos, but also in homes. Their natural look will delight everyone, and the durability they offer you will appreciate in no time. Specially impregnated at the customer's request, they will survive harsh weather conditions.


Functional and durable, created from the best types of wood. We make custom chairs with which you can equip your glamping tent. Chairs made by our company are of high quality, due to the experience of the people making them. Do you need durable chairs? You have come to the right place! Check out the offer now and order chairs for your glamping tent.


Capacious and well thought out. The cabinets with which you equip your glamping tent are an important item that should remain practical and functional for a long time. Thanks to the use of good quality components such as hinges, these cabinets will last for many years without the need for repair. To important, they are made of wood, from which we can create other furnishings for you. Thus, the whole will be integral and in one style.


A comfortable bathroom in a glamping tent? It's possible, and even within reach. If you want to equip your glamping with a comfortable and well-designed bathroom, we can create one for you. We have experience and know exactly what glampers who will be resting in tents need. Our crew specializes in such issues, so you can be sure that the bathrooms we make are sure to please everyone who uses them.


For many people, it is the center of the universe. And rightly so. In homes, kitchens are the most polished rooms, so why can't it be the same in a glamping tent?We manufacture, design and advise. Therefore, the kitchen in a glamping tent does not have to be at the bare minimum. Our kitchens impress with their natural look, functionality, but also really long life. Check out our realizations and bring your camping kitchen to a new dimension!


An important part of any glamping tent that deserves a lot of attention. The door guarantees us intimacy, gives us a sense of security, and also helps to keep the heat inside the tent. We manufacture glamping tent doors from natural wood. Thus, they will further soundproof the room and allow you to enjoy freedom, far from prying eyes. We make doors to customer's order, according to a specific design. We can also design a door for you to fit specific doorways.

Partition walls

Sometimes there is a need to separate rooms from each other, even though the original design did not provide for this. Nothing lost, there is no reason to panic. Our company specializes in manufacturing partitions for glamping tents. Made of durable and solid materials, they will give you what you need - discretion and private space. We produce the walls to order, according to the customer's guidelines. We can also design the walls as needed.

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