Small glamping tent

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Small glamping tent


Our tents are made of the highest quality material, which is 315g/m² Acrylic (can be made of other material and other weights on request), double coated for WD2 water resistance, maximum UV fade resistance and with a manufacturer's warranty on the material of 5 years.

The tents are breathable and do not mildew! This is because the tent canvas is Breathable and Moisture Regulating, Strong and Durable and Waterproof material.

Breathable and moisture-regulating properties extended with additional strength and durability, ensure intensive use without losing the natural feel.

Fabric of the absolute highest quality. Durable form. Finish resistant to water, mildew and dirt.


The roof is made of a very strong material - polypropylene with a weight of 700 g / m² (it is possible to make it of other material and with other weights on request). It is completely waterproof and non-flammable and maintains the internal temperature. In addition, it retains the sun.

For optimal roofing, it is important to properly distribute the forces. For this reason, the roof is attached to the same tubular structure as the inner tent. The roofs are not strung with braided rope. This would cause point loads, which we always want to avoid. The tubular structure of the tunnel improves the strength and increases the life of the tent.

Made in the shape of a cone, referring to traditional tents built in African countries.


The living area is as much as 20 m², which are waiting for your decor vision! We give you the opportunity to fully personalize the interior to make you feel at home in your tent. Choose the materials and furnishings that best meet your needs.

What makes a glamping tent comfortable? The interior and accessories! That's why we can also equip your glamping with mattresses, pillows and even a dishwasher! This way you can offer your guests a fully equipped glamping tent.

Glamping adventure is not complete without furniture. Our glamping furniture, which can be custom made from different types of wood, is brushed for added comfort. The stain- and water-resistant wood means you won't have to maintain it for long. This makes the brushed wood not only very comfortable, but also easy to maintain, and your guests will experience the adventurous atmosphere of outdoor camping.

Our glamping furniture is splinter-free for added comfort. All of our wood can be coated with a waterproof coating . This protects against moisture, and the table can be cleaned by simply wiping it with a cloth.


Your tent can be equipped with a terrace, as large as 11 m², on request!

Upon request, we make terraces from many types of wood, with different sizes, colors, shapes and construction. Are you looking for a wide range of personalization possibilities? Anything is possible!

The wood we use is ecological, can be impregnated, and the lifespan with the most durable types of wood is up to 50 years!

The wood is largely supplied to size. If you prefer to build a terrace yourself, we provide the necessary material to order.


Your tent can be equipped with a custom-made wooden floor.

Upon request, we make floors from all kinds of wood, with the possibility of impregnation, painting and of different construction. Are you looking for a wide range of personalization possibilities? Anything is possible!

The wood we use is ecological, and the lifespan with the most durable types is up to 50 years! We also make sure that the floor is suspended above the ground to ensure adequate air circulation.

The wood is largely supplied to size. If you prefer to build the floor yourself, we supply the necessary material to order.


Our frames are extremely durable. They make the tents resistant to all weather conditions. All tents are resistant to winter and strong winds and even storms.

The frames are made of pine palisade, which goes into 3mm thick galvanized connecting elements made of carbon steel. They can be painted on request. These structural solutions ensure that the tent can withstand the dynamic pressure and maximum wind speed of 0.25 kN/m². This represents a number on the Beaufort scale of 8 in all calculation safety margins!

Our tent materials are very strong thanks to continuous optimization. We are constantly searching for the best materials, remain critical and are always looking for improvements.

Small glamping tent - learn about the advantages.

Small does not mean inferior - glamping tents of smaller size are a great solution. For whom? First of all, for people who care about comfort at a small cost. The prices of a small glamping tent are attractive, yet you don't lose out on comfort and luxury! Secondly, for those who want to reduce their ecological footprint, because you will use this type of tent for many years without losing its protective qualities!

Glamping - variety and convenience.

As a glamping tent manufacturer, we offer you the highest quality glamping tents to suit your needs. A small glamping tent, despite its small size - will make a big impression. It will allow you to enjoy the proximity to nature, as well as the peace and security you so desperately need.

Small size - great possibilities.

A small glamping tent is the ideal solution for those who have a small plot of land where they would like to create a place for rest and accommodation. It is very often chosen by owners of resorts running their business in a "slow-hop" style.

Glamping has been growing in popularity in recent years.

As an eco-friendly alternative to crowded hotels, it is definitely appealing to more and more travelers. Eco-trends are appreciated by guests all over the world, so by choosing glamping tents you will fit your business into the prevailing fashion, plus take care of the planet.

What does a glamping tent offer?

Glamping is a new dimension of camping for nature enthusiasts who have spent most of their vacations in tents in their lives and faced various problems - from the availability of sanitary facilities to a leaking tent to a lack of intimacy - glamping can improve the quality of your vacation. Glamping is also a great vacation option for families with young children who are concerned about the spartan conditions of regular camping, but still want to show their children a "wilderness" vacation. As a compromise between comfort and this "wilderness", glamping tents live up to their name and win the hearts of thousands of people every year.

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